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Young Local Athlete Killed During Home Invasion

Updated: Tuesday, November 19 2013, 12:44 AM EST
MOUNT HEALTHY, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- Students and staff at Mount Healthy High School pulled together Monday afternoon to mourn and remember one of their own.

19-year-old Vince Turnage Junior.

Turnage was killed early Sunday morning during a home invasion of his mother's home on Tassie Lane in Springfield Township.  Local 12 News reporter Rich Jaffe has the details on the investigation.

On a normal weekend Vince Turnage wouldn't even have been in the house.  He was on athletic scholarship to the University of Akron, but this weekend he had come home for a big football game.

Those who knew him say he was a great kid, a straight arrow and someone who will be sorely missed.

The tiny house on Tassie Lane was quiet Monday.  The crime scene tape's gone, Vince Turnage gone as well. 

The smiling, well known, local athlete was shot and killed early Sunday morning as he tried to get his girlfriend safely out of the house.

Two gunmen were holding most of his family at gunpoint upstairs.

Springfield Township Police Chief Dave Heimpold tells Local 12, "When they entered they were yelling 'Swat...give us the dope, give us the money.' They ended up getting all the family members together in one room as they ransacked the house."

Police say the family was asleep when the gunmen kicked in the front and back doors.  Turnage and his girlfriend were in a downstairs bedroom.  Aware of the disturbance upstairs Vince took his girlfriend out the basement door and was shot once in the head from above as they went up the steps.

"At this point we don't think he was the intended victim, but it's still under investigation at this time."

It's possible the target of the attack was Vince Turnage Senior.  A long time criminal he's got numerous arrests for drugs, rape and aggravated robbery but police say he doesn't live in the house.

Vince Junior played football, basketball and ran track at Mt.Healthy.  His athletic prowess earned him a scholarship to the University of Akron.  His charm,wit and kindness earned him the respect of everyone at his alma mater.

They held a memorial service for him this afternoon.

Lori Handler, the superintendent for Mt. Heatlthy Schools told Local 12, "The teachers at Mt. Healthy are fabulous. They wrap their arms around these kids and we had grief counselors there and we all struggled through it together. It was a very,very tough morning.Vince will be sorely missed and he will always be remembered.  That big smile and leader that he was. It's just a very sad, sad situation."

Police tell Local 12's Rich Jaffe that Saturday evening, Vince Turnages' mom called police and told them someone came to her door, claiming he'd hit her car and needed to talk with her about it.  She didn't open the door and when police arrived they told her there was no damage to her car.

They now believe it could have been the initial attempt by the gunmen to get inside.

Right now, police have only a vague description of the intruders.  Witnesses say both men had guns.  If you can help police find out who is responsible for this vicious attack call Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.

Watch video HEREYoung Local Athlete Killed During Home Invasion

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