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Sheriff Says Woman Tried to Murder Half-Sister

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 12:32 PM EST
MAYSVILLE, Ky. (Angenette Levy) -- A Maysville woman is in critical condition and her half-sister is charged with trying to kill her after an argument on Facebook erupted into a confrontation.
Arica Woodruff, 25, suffered the gunshot wound around 11:30 Wednesday morning at a property on Walton Pike. Mason Co.

Sheriff Patrick Boggs said Woodruff went to the property where her half-sister, Ankara Alvarado, was living with her boyfriend. In the hours before sheriff's deputies were called to the property, Alvarado and Woodruff had engaged in a war of words on Facebook. Woodruff went to the camper to confront Alvarado who met her with a gun.
"It was an altercation between two sisters where Ankara Alvarado had shot her sister, Arica Woodruff," Sheriff Patrick Boggs said.
Arica Woodruff was shot in the head. The property owner said Alvarado called 911 to report what happened. When deputies arrived they found Woodruff lying in the driveway and Alvardo standing nearby.

She did not resist as she was taken into custody.
"I just heard two shots this morning but I didn't pay no attention to it because usually there's people shooting around here anyway," said Rodney Woodruff, who lives next door to the camper where Alvarado was living.

Woodruff said it's not unusual to hear gunshots in a rural area. He said Arica was married to his cousin. She has two young children, a boy and a girl.
Other neighbors saw the sheriff's deputies and an ambulance and thought they were there for a car crash.
"I never in a million years thought it would be a shooting because it's a quiet neighborhood. Everybody around here knows everybody. So for something like that to happen is very, very unusual," said Charlie Rice who lives across the street from the property where Woodruff was shot.
A friend of hers told Local 12 News she had surgery Wednesday night at a hospital in Lexington but the bullet could not be removed because it was too close to a main artery. They and others are hoping for the best.
"I hope she comes out of it ok. Our prayers are out there for her and everything," Rodney Woodruff said.
Three witnesses were present at the time of the shooting and were interviewed by detectives. Sheriff's deputies also found marijuana plants at the property.

Alvarado's boyfriend was cited for marijuana possession.

VIDEO hereSheriff Says Woman Tried to Murder Half-Sister

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