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Ryle High School Puts on Play About School Shooting

Updated: Sunday, November 17 2013, 09:32 PM EST
UNION, Ky. (WKRC) - Ryle High School in Boone County is currently putting on a play called "Bang, Bang You're Dead" about school shootings.

The work centers around a school shooting and focuses on a student in jail after he has killed 5 classmates. The show looks at the killer and how he got the point in his life where he killed people and he's haunted by the memories of the people he has affected.

Theater arts teacher Dustin Caudill says the play also deals with the issue of bullying.

"It's not just a show about gun violence, it's a show about words. It's a show about how we use words and how we treat other people," he said.

Madison Borland, a student performing in the play, says she has learned a lot while putting together the show.

"One thing I really like is you get to get insight on the killer himself. You learn a lot about how bullying has a much bigger affect than you think it does," she said.

Ryle High School had its own tragedy involving a student with a gun. In 1994, Clay Shrout shot and killed members of his family and then went to Ryle with a firearm.

After the show, the actors engage in a talk-back session with the audience.

There is still a show on Saturday night at 7:30 at Ryle High School.

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