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Porter's Pinball Parlor Making Pinball Possible for All

Updated: Friday, November 22 2013, 01:32 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Angela Ingram) -- Brian Porter has created his own little paradise surrounded by his favorite pastime, pinball machines.
Now Porter is sharing his passion with others.
In early November he opened "Porter's Pinball Parlor" on Main Street in Over-The-Rhine.
Porter, who had a stroke in 1998, says he did it because he just loves pinball.

Well the main reason is because I love pinball.
The stroke affected Porter's speech, his right leg, and his right arm.  So when he was thinking about opening the parlor, he made sure the machines would work for him and anyone else with a physical disability.
You can play these machines with either arm, left or right.

Left arm, right arm, doesn't matter!
Porter placed a brief history of each game over the machines.  He has pinball trivia on the walls and a collection of books on the subject.    
Porter says high-tech video games are all the same, he prefers pinball. 

I had a video game but video games are all the same, but pinball is fascinating.

Porter also sells Pinball Machines.  Next month he is hosting tournaments between players where the winners can win cash prizes.

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Porter's Pinball Parlor Making Pinball Possible for All

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