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Nelson Mandela Leaves Lasting Local Impact

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 01:54 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Angela Ingram) -- Nelson Mandela had battled illness for the better part of the last two years and when he passed away Thursday afternoon he was surrounded by family.

His legacy had an indelible impact in the tri-state.

Signs of Nelson Mandela's legacy are spread throughout the Freedom Center.

Now there's a place for the public to come and write about how Mandela inspired them.  News of his death Thursday caused the Freedom Center's President to reflect on Mandela's life.

"I walked over to the window that faces the Ohio River and I looked out on that river and thought about a great soul passing over."
Newsome says during his time behind bars Mandela continued to find ways to promote freedom and to take a stance against racial inequalities in South Africa.

"He found a way to personify the ideals that we teach here at the Freedom Center and this is one of the reasons that we revere him so.  Courage, cooperation, perseverance, and I would even add faith and freedom."

"He was interested in our constitution, our bill of rights which he knew, he understood our system and his concern was to have the new South African constitution reflect what we have in our constitution."
Judge Nathaniel Jones shared a meal with Mandela during one of his many trips to South Africa.  The judge also served as an observer when blacks finally got the right to vote in the country.
Judge Jones says in a world of violence Mandela showed there are other ways to fight for rights.

"He found a peaceful way.  He did not have to engage in violence or hate.  He always sought to find the path of peaceful resolution."

VIDEO hereNelson Mandela Leaves Lasting Local Impact

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