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Man Could Face More Charges in Animal Abuse Case

Updated: Thursday, November 7 2013, 09:10 AM EST
CLINTON COUNTY, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- A Clermont County man faces a judge to answer to charges he let horses, cattle and other animals starve to death.

Ken Huffaker's is charged with eight different counts stemming from the alleged animal abuse and more could be coming.  Local 12 News reporter Rich Jaffe was in court as new details emerged.

Ken Huffaker didn't have anything to say about his case today either inside or outside the courtroom.

Local 12's Rich Jaffe caught up with him coming out of the courtroom.

"Mr Huffaker.  My name's Rich Jaffe from Channel 12 , I'd like to talk with you a little bit...(walks in the door)"

In this case however, pictures speak volumes, evidence pictures that is.  In March Huffaker violated his probation by not following a judges order to clean up the dead animals on the Clinton county property and take care of the remaining ones.

On the tiny farm investigators initially discovered 2 dead donkeys, 4 dead cows, a dead hybrid zebo cow and a dead alpaca.

When they returned September 23rd investigators found 2 more dead decaying horses and a dead mule.

"How bad was the situation you saw when you saw those animals," Rich Jaffe asked Clinton County community corrections officer, Libby Whitt?

"Well we had pictures taken so they were decomposed, almost fully decomposed." Whitt told him.

Huffaker recently resigned as a member of the Goshen Township Board of Zoning Appeals.

Local 12 found he had numerous criminal zoning violations at his Goshen home, as well as multiple complaints from neighbors about animals on the property.

At Wednesday's hearing his attorney got a continuance so he could examine more of the evidence.

Huffaker doesn't appear to be doing himself any favors with the court.  As recently as Wednesday a probation officer was supposed to have access to the property to check on the conditions there but the gate was locked.  If the probation officer can't get on to the property Huffaker's looking at getting charged yet again.

After meeting with the probation officer Local 12 tried again to talk unsuccessfully with Huffaker.

"I'd like to talk with you about why you let those animals starve," Rich Jaffe asked him.  "Why didn't you take care of them?"

Racing down the stairs to get away from media, his attorney said, "Guys that's enough really..."

To which Jaffe replied, "All you have to do is stop and talk to me.  Mr. Huffaker, why'd you let those animals starve?"

Both men continued out of the courthouse.

Wednesday's hearing was continued until December 18th at 2:50p.m.  The probation officer will try to inspect the property again on Tuesday.

Watch video HEREMan Could Face More Charges in Animal Abuse Case

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