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Ft. Thomas Homeowner Confronts Teen Burglars

Updated: Wednesday, November 20 2013, 12:25 AM EST
FT. THOMAS, Ky (Joe Webb) -- Scary moments for a local businessman who
found burglars in his home early Tuesday morning. Police say the teens
broke into the home on Walker Road at 3 a.m.

Local 12's Joe Webb
says the two teens in custody face serious charges. Ft. Thomas police
call it a night full of bad decisions. First bad decision: stealing a
pickup truck in Covington and taking it for a joyride. The joyride ended
when the teens drove through some yards on Walker, then got stuck at
the bottom of a hill. A tow truck was there hours later, trying to
recover the truck.

Police say bad decision number two: the teens
walked up the hill and broke into businessman David Hosea's home,
confronting him and his wife. He told police they tried to hit him with a
pair of bolt cutters and threatened to kill him. It's not clear if the
pair got away with anything. Hosea got them to leave the house and he
called police.

Two hours later, police from Ft. Thomas, Newport
and Southgate were on the scene. Officers saw the pair walking a few
blocks away on North Ft. Thomas Avenue, near St. Catherine church, and
caught them.

They're charged with robbery and receiving stolen
property.  Sgt. Casey Kilgore with Ft. Thomas police, explains why they
face a more serious charge of robbery. "The confrontation in the house
was serious enough to change this from a burglary to a robbery. A
burglary is when someone enters a building and tries to commit a crime. A
robbery, it's a little bit more serious, where there is either force or
threat of force. So in this case the charge is going to be robbery
based on what happened during that confrontation."

David Hosea
tells his story to Joe Webb, coming up at 5. According to him it was
pretty scary when the teens threatened to kill him. He and his wife are
okay. He's going to do what he can to make sure the teens are punished
to the fullest extent of the law.

Watch video HERE
Ft. Thomas Homeowner Confronts Teen Burglars

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