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Former Band Director Indicted for Rape

Updated: Thursday, December 5 2013, 11:19 PM EST
FORT MITCHELL, Ky. (Joe Webb) -- Former band director Kenneth David Owens
was indicted Thursday for rape, sodomy and sexual abuse for an alleged
relationship with a Beechwood High School student. 

Owens left
Beechwood to become the band director in Grant County in 2009.  He
resigned there in September when he was charged with two sex abuse
charges for an alleged relationship with another student.

Kenton County indictment charges that Owens engaged in sex with an
underage girl from August 2004 to August 2006.  She was a band student
at Beechwood and 14 years old when the relationship began.

actually believe the relationship between Mr. Owens and the student went
on beyond 2006 but that's when the student turned 16 and at the time
would legally be able to consent in Kentucky," Kenton County
Commonwealths Attorney Rob Sanders told Local 12. 

The law since
has been amended that any sexual relationship between a student and a
teacher is now a felony but at the time it took place it was not. 

a statement released Thursday afternoon, Beechwood Superintendent Steve
Hutton said the district first became aware of the allegations when
Owens was arrested in Grant County.  He says the district immediately
forwarded the information to Fort Mitchell Police.  Hutton says the
school district acted swiftly and decisively to ensure the safety and
well-being of students.

Owens' wife JoAnn was also indicted in
Grant County and faces charges of tampering with a witness.  No one else
faces charges in Kenton County.

Sanders says the Beechwood victim came forward after she heard about the Grant County case.

our knowledge, this is the only victim at Beechwood High School.  But
actually given the pattern we've seen between Grant County and Kenton
County there's always the possibility there could be others.  And if
anybody has any knowledge of other victims they should contact their
local police department."

Video HEREFormer Band Director Indicted for Rape

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