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Feds: Man Sought Rape of 4-Year-Old Girl

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 05:00 PM EST
CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (Angenette Levy) -- A Clermont County mans in jail accused of trolling the internet looking for someone to rape a 4-year-old family member.

Matt Kidwell is charged with possessing child pornography and enticement.  Local 12 has learned he applied to be a Cub Scout leader.

Federal officials say the investigation into Matt Kidwell started last month.
A man named "Marcus" told Cincinnati Police a man contacted him through a social networking service called Livelinks. 

Marcus said the man wanted someone to rape a four-year-old family member.
Christy Muncy said, "If it had not been for that person coming forward to Cincinnati police department and then to RECI we would not have made this arrest today." 

Assistant US Attorney Christy Muncy says officers with the Hamilton County Sheriff's regional electronics and computer investigations posed as Marcus and reached out to Kidwell.
The federal complaint alleges Kidwell texted nude photos of the girl.
Christy Muncy continued, "Anytime a person wants to be involved in a four-year-old child, or any child for that matter, being sexually assaulted and abused is disturbing."

Kidwell allegedly wanted to watch the rape and wanted the girl burned with a cigarette before having his way with her.

"This is a pretty bold way to meet someone. He was pretty open in what he wanted and he even posted it on a social media website."

Last summer Kidwell posted on Facebook, "Finding families into incest willing to share."
Within the last two days, law enforcement ID'd Matt Kidwell as the man behind the messages.  Friday morning, the FBI raided the home near Blanchester where Kidwell lived with his parents.

"We collected a lot of information, a lot of media from his home, from his car and I would suspect we'll find more information based on that," Muncy said.

Local 12 found out that Matt Kidwell had recently applied to be a Cub Scout leader with his sons pack in Blanchester.  He was attending Cub Scout meetings but a Boy Scout executive says he wasn't a pack leader because he hadn't completed training or a background check.

VIDEO hereFeds: Man Sought Rape of 4-Year-Old Girl

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