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Families Plea to Help Solve Deadly Shooting of Young Girl

Updated: Wednesday, November 20 2013, 10:54 PM EST
NORWOOD, Ohio (Paula Toti) -- Family members are making an emotional plea in the wake of a deadly shooting. 

20 year old Porshia Brooks was killed, and 21 year old Aron Martin is in critical condition, after the Saturday night shooting in Norwood.
Investigators have no suspects and they believe robbery was the motive.
Local 12's Paula Toti said family members wanted to speak today about the crime because they hope it will help in the investigation. 
They talked about Porshia's love of animals.  She was living her dream working in animal care, with among other things, a zoo conservation certificate.  She eventually wanted to be an animal trainer.
Her mother Sharon Brooks says her daughter did, "Nothing but go to work and come home."  She loved animals, work and her boyfriend, Aron.
She lived with her mother and was a sister.  Her sister Tia Brooks says she feels like she is living a bad dream. She loved her older sister and both of them grew up loving stuffed animals.
Porshia's cousin, Allisa Cannon, says, "I feel robbed I can't grow up with her and watch her live her life."
Porshia's father, Thomas Brooks, says his daughter was so against violence she couldn't swat a bug.
She was shot on her niece's birthday. 
Aron Martin has been an apprentice baker.  He lives with his twin brother in Norwood.  Outside that home is where the shooting took place. His older brother Tony Scott says Aron is not aware of what happened to his girlfriend and it will break him.

"He has always tried to protect her," said Scott.
Porshia's sister-in-law says the family needs closure.  She along with other family members urge anyone with information to come forward.
Porshia is an organ donor.  Her mother says so far at least three lives have been saved by her gift of life.
Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.

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Families Plea to Help Solve Deadly Shooting of Young Girl

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