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Child Killer Up for Parole

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 08:47 AM EST
BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- Next Tuesday a convicted child killer goes up for parole in front of the Ohio Parole Board.

When he killed Kerri Hintermeister in 1984, Bradford Gill went from being a respected member of his community, even a Sunday school teacher, to a murdering monster.

In March of 1984, 11-year-old Kerri Hintermeister had been playing with friends, and their father Bradford Gill, when she disappeared.

Kerri's aunt Linda Knoll says, "She was very joyful...we loved her dearly but her life was so short...I mean 11...that is very young.  It's something you never get over."

When the search crews fanned out to search for Kerri they organized at a neighborhood church. Mixed in with all those concerned friends, family members and neighbors was Bradford Gill.

Linda Knoll says that's where her dad, Kerri's grandfather, first met Gill and he knew something wasn't right.

She says, "There was something about him that have this gut feeling about people and I remember my father saying, 'Marsha what do you know about this guy,' to my sister.  And she said, 'Oh he's a wonderful man, just wonderful.'"

It didn't take long to find Kerri.

They found her body in Bradford Gill's garage.

She'd been sexually assaulted, her throat slit and she'd been stabbed multiple times.

Gill was a neighbor, a Sunday School teacher, a father, a trusted family friend and more.

Knoll says, "He is a monster...he's a monster."

Gill plead guilty to aggravated murder. His sentence was 20 years to life.  He's served 29 and is again up for parole.

It eventually came out that Bradford Gill had been molesting his own daughters.  In 2004, one of his daughters wrote a letter to the parole board asking they keep him behind bars.  She told local 12 she feared the possibility of her fathers release from prison.

She said, "He had a dark side the whole time I knew him.  Nobody else saw that side."

Years after her murder Kerri's family found out why she was murdered.

Knoll told us, "She knew what Brad Gill was doing to his own family and she confronted him and she told him, 'I'm going to tell on you.'"

But she never got the chance.

The three judge panel that convicted Gill ruled that the murder was, "an impulsive, spontaneous act."  They went on to say it was a, "momentary aberration of behavior."

If you believe Gill should stay behind bars sign the on-line petitions to keep him in prison HERE.

Video HEREChild Killer Up for Parole

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