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Arrest Made in Sycamore Township Explosion

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 07:19 AM EST
SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Angela Ingram) -- An arrest has been made in the alleged meth lab explosion Wednesday night.

County officers have arrested 58-year-old Edward Greenwood.  He is
charged with illegal manufacture of drugs and illegal assembly or
possession of chemicals to manufacture drugs.

Greenwood is being held in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

is at the Hamilton County Justice Center. There are three condos in the
building where the meth lab exploded. All of the families were home
after time. One family was asleep when suddenly family members say they
felt the building shake violently. For now the woman who lived at the
condo on Chaucer drive for years can no longer stay here.

This second-floor window is blown out and siding is blown off. Shortly
Before 10 o'clock Wednesday night a neighbor called 911 and told
dispatchers she heard an explosion.

The woman and her 58-year-old son, Edward Greenwood, were home at the
time. Shariff's Deputies say a meth lab inside caused the explosion.
Immediately after neighbors felt their building shake, they came outside
and asked Greenwood what happened.

Belinda Binford's condo is nextdoor Inside of the same building.  "He
came down and his head was bleeding and I asked him what happened and he
didn't say anything and he went back in the house."

Deputies say by the time they pulled up, Greenwood was gone - leaving
his mother alone at the condo. Neighbors are grateful that despite the
close proximity of their condos no one was hurt.

Binford says, "My son, he's 20, and sleeps in the living room and with
that happening, this is where my stairs are, and he's right here in the
living room."

While Hazmat crews were working inside of the condo, all of the other
families that live inside of the building were evacuated. Sheriff's
deputies say Greenwood's mother is staying with relatives.

VIDEO hereArrest Made in Sycamore Township Explosion

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