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Good Morning Cincinnati

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New tilted view from the Hancock Building

Updated: Friday, May 9 2014, 10:42 AM EDT
CHICAGO (WKRC) -- Taking breathtaking view to a whole new level.

There is now a glass-encased viewing deck at the Hancock Building in Chicago. Rather than just being able to soak in the view, things are kicked up a notch as the glass tilts 30 degrees towards the ground.

The 30,000 pound system was tested in a wind tunnel to ensure that it would work on the building.     Once the motor whirs and tilts you towards the ground, the only thing separating you from a nearly one thousand foot drop, is an inch and a half of structural glass.

The tilt came to the Hancock in pieces, was brought up in the freight elevator and assembled on site. Tilt opens Saturday and the extra cost will be five bucks on top of the 18 dollar charge to visit the observatory.

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