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Family 411: Entitled Kids

CINCINNATI (Sheila Gray) -- Every parent wants his child to have more than he did, but how do you fight it when your kid feels like they are entitled to it?

Parents are learning to draw the line between fulfilled and spoiled.

Dave and Leslee Hatter are raising four children in a materialistic, media savvy society.

"Buy this, I got this, you should get this too. I think it's difficult to realize that's not he way it works for the vast majority of the world," says Dave.

"You just can't satisfy that instant need all the time," says Leslee.

One of their priorities as parents is teaching their kids to appreciate things by working for them.

Even their 5-year-old-son, Vince is learning early on to work for what he wants.

A college football coach for 33 years, Rod Huber is big on athletics, but not big on every kid getting a trophy.

"My greatest lessons were in defeats. How do we get better from that defeat?" he says.

For restaurant owner, Susanna Wong, being a mother and pushing her children is also a full-time job.

"Like practicing piano or doing homework or studying, it always does take an effort. And they're always disappointed when they don't do the work," she says.

For five signs that your child may be entitled, click HERE.

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