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Trooper Jumps in Car as Suspect Flees from Traffic Stop

Updated: Friday, November 22 2013, 05:58 PM EST
PADDOCK HILLS, Ohio (WKRC) -- The driver pulled over on a Cincinnati street would not obey the Ohio State Trooper.

Local 12 has video of what followed, which nearly cost both men their lives.

The simple traffic stop went from perfectly normal to completely crazy in a matter of seconds.  Trooper B. A. Hess stopped a man who made an illegal left hand turn onto Paddock Road last month during rush hour.

A recording from his cruiser shows the driver pulled right over and apologized for the turn.  But, Trooper Hess told the driver he smelled marijuana and planned to search the car.  He then asked the passenger to step outside.

As Hess searched the passenger, he repeatedly told the driver to keep his hands on the wheel.

The passenger, who appears to take off did not go far and was quickly taken into custody.  The crash you heard was the car striking two trees and flipping on its top.

Fortunately Trooper Hess was checked out at the hospital and released.  The driver, now identified as Dimitri Harvill, managed to run away.

Harvill was later indicted and arrested on charges of improperly handling firearms in a vehicle and vehicular assault.  He is still awaiting trial. Trooper Jumps in Car as Suspect Flees from Traffic Stop

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