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Suspect Shoots Himself After Escaping in a Stolen Cruiser

Updated: Tuesday, December 3 2013, 01:02 AM EST
BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (Rich Jaffe) -- A bizarre escape and chase leaves a man in critical condition at a local hospital.

27-year-old Joshua Grizzell of Booneville in eastern Kentucky shot himself in the chest with a shotgun that belongs to a Boone County deputy.

Boone County deputies and detectives had Joshua Grizzell surrounded for more than an hour.  He was lying in a ditch with a 12-gauge shotgun across his chest as they talked to him.

Neighbors were warned to stay indoors all morning.  A car carrying Grizzell and another man, Shane Byrd, both of Booneville, Kentucky, broke down Sunday night along I-71.

A couple of hours later the two men were seen with flashlights along the northbound side.

Tom Scheben of the Boone County Sheriffs Department said, And when we started to talk with them we realized their stories were not matching up. So we separate them and put one in the back of a cruiser. Hes not under arrest, not in handcuffs. Then we're talking to the other guy and looking around the area for what they might have left behind.

From the backseat of the deputy's vehicle, Grizzell couldn't go out the doors because, like most police vehicles, the doors are locked.  So he managed somehow to get his body up and through a little tiny window space and once he was out through the window. 

That's when he disabled the shotgun lock.

Grizzell dumped the vehicle near an industrial park on Carbon Way and took off on foot. He tried to break into a house on Maher Road but when the homeowner fired a shot it scared him off.

Deputies caught up with him moments later at which point he went into a ditch with the shotgun and negotiations began.

Scheben continues, As the SWAT truck came driving down the road, we heard the shot.  From what I understand the shotgun was laying up along his body and he reached down and shot himself in the chest area.

Amazingly still alive, a helicopter flew Grizzell to the hospital.

When Grizzell took off in the cruiser, deputies arrested the suspect who was with him.  Shane Byrd now faces several drug charges after deputies found heroin, cocaine, oxycontin and Vicodin in their car and in a backpack.

Video HERESuspect Shoots Himself After Escaping in a Stolen Cruiser

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