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Suspect Puts Syringe to Victim's Neck in Robbery

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 10:56 PM EST
FLORENCE, Ky. (Angela Ingram) -- A surveillance camera caught images of a man leaping over a counter as the terrified clerk backed into a corner.
At around 7:20 Sunday night the man waited until no one was inside the Marathon on US-25 before pulling a syringe on Elisabeth Albert.
The first thing that went through her mind was her family.

"Honestly, my children.  My children and all I could say was please don't and he just screamed you know, give me the money and I just stood like this and said, 'Take it!'"
After snatching the money and cigarettes Elisabeth was hoping the man would just leave.

"And he turned back around like he was going to stab me just to before he left and I just, please don't, please don't and thank the Lord Jesus he didn't."
The suspect then ran out of the store.  Police say it's rare that a suspect uses a syringe during a robbery.

"Usually there's a threat of a weapon or most of the time, they'll just run in and say give me the money in a threatening manner."
Elisabeth's boss is supporting her, posting the surveillance pictures in the store.  Customers are protective as well and Elisabeth says it's important to get this man caught.

"Oh it's very important.  I mean he isn't right.  He's mentally not stable at all."

Police say the suspect is a white man in his 30's with a slim build.  He is about 59 with a handlebar mustache.  He was wearing baggy jeans, a black hoodie, and a dark cap.

If you recognize the suspect call Crime Stoppers at 352-3040.

Video HERE
Suspect Puts Syringe to Victim's Neck in Robbery

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