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Surveillance Video Released of Clerk Critically Injured in Gas Station Robbery

Updated: Friday, October 25 2013, 05:27 PM EDT
FLORENCE, Ky. (Larry Davis) -- Family members say the clerk suffered a broken neck when a robber put him in a choke hold at the Shell Station on Turfway Road in Florence.  Local 12 News reporter Larry Davis is has a look at the surveillance video.

The attack happened at the Shell Station just before closing time at Midnight.  The victim was 67-year-old Kanubai Patel, a father of two and grandfather of two, whose family members say was left paralyzed after the attack.

Florence police released video of the overnight attack.  A man with a black jacket and white sleeves with distinctive lettering comes after the clerk in what police described as a "bum rush."  He is seen trying to stab Patel with what is described as a table knife.  Patel avoids being slashed.  What is not seen on camera is the suspect placing the clerk in a choke hold. 

Captain Linny Cloyd of the Florence Police Department said, “Mr. Patel's head was right here at my chest and had him in a choke hold while at the same time putting pressure on the crown of his head so you're really torqueing the head in a violent manner and holding him as he pushed him down to the ground and even held him there for a period of time.”

Police say the suspect first came into the store to use an ATM, the transaction was unsuccessful.  He returned and attacked Patel leaving him motionless on the floor. 

The suspect returned twice, stealing Patel’s wallet and taking his car keys, but police say he never went for the cash register.

The stolen car is a white 2009 Camry.  It has Kentucky license plates 6-2-2-j-d-g.

If you see it, call police right away.  And if you recognize anything about the man in the surveillance pictures, call Crime Stoppers at 352-3040. Surveillance Video Released of Clerk Critically Injured in Gas Station Robbery

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