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Small Town Goes High Tech to Catch the Bad Guys

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 11:09 PM EST
BELLEVUE, Ky. (Deb Dixon) -- Word is spreading among criminals that a tiny river town right across the bridge is a place to avoid.

"Too hot" is how the put it. 

Criminals who have tried to escape big city cops driving across 471 may think theyre headed into Mayberry. But the chief is no Andy Taylor. 

Bellevue, Kentuckys chief is taking the department places its never been before, with high tech cameras that can be viewed on I-PADS and in cruisers, GPS trackers, and tiny cop cameras.  Officers are working undercover in cars confiscated from thugs thieves and druggies to catch them on the edge of town.

Chief Wayne Turner says, "If you are going to enjoy the community you will be safe, and we welcome you.  If you are nefarious we will watch you and prosecute you.  Once we prosecute, we will seize your vehicles, cash and ultimately your freedom."

Some businesses are all in when it comes to technology. At the One Stop tobacco and liquor store, there are cameras everywhere. Officers can log into the video on a  computer in the cruiser or on the phone.  Detective Jon McClain says that way they can see before they go in, if there really is someone inside or a false alarm.

The new way of policing is good for the old fashioned way of shopping in historic Bellevue, where people can find the Christmas spirit in the little shops that you cant find at the mall.

Farmhouse Primitives Curtis Heuser says the shops give people a comfortable feeling that reminds them of their childhood.  Shopper Sarah Moore says Bellevue has historic charm that she cant get at the mall.

Coming soon to Bellevue are cameras, lots of them, courtesy of Homeland Security. Good news for the people who come to Bellevue.

More bad news for the bad guys.
Bellevues Christmas Walk is Friday and Saturday. It will include open houses at the shops a chance to win jewelry and a visit from Santa

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Small Town Goes High Tech to Catch the Bad Guys

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