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One Person Detectives Want to Talk to in Murder Mystery Case Avoiding Police

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 10:30 PM EDT
BROWN COUNTY, Ky. (Deb Dixon) -- It has been almost two months since a pregnant Brittany Stykes was murdered while driving home to Ripley.

Her toddler took a bullet to the head.  Brittany and Shane Stykes' toddler daughter has been through four surgeries now.  She asks for her mother throughout the day. 

Detectives still don't know why Brittany Stykes was killed.  But out of the possible theories, random road rage, personal or a highway serial killer, they're going with personal. 

Shane Stykes is now back home with daughter Aubree.  The home he shared with Brittany.  Brittany never got to see Aubree.  She was sort of teetering when her mother was murdered.

Aubree is back home in Ripley now.  The only mommy here is in a picture.

The 22-year-old mother and Sunday school teacher was driving back to her rural home in Ripley, Ohio when someone shot inside her jeep on US-68.  The jeep was on security video in Georgetown minutes earlier.  A passerby found them;  Aubree bleeding from a bullet to the head was asking for mommy.

Something she still does to Shane.

There is one person Police want to talk to who won't come in.  They have contacted the Prosecutors office to try and arrange this person to chat with police. 

It may come down to a subpoena if the person continues to avoid police.

Watch video HERE  One Person Detectives Want to Talk to in Murder Mystery Case Avoiding Police

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