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Man Who Mutilated 16-year-old Girl Up For Parole

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 11:06 PM EDT
BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- In October 1970, 16 year old Cheryl Segal and a girlfriend accepted a ride from ex-con James Findley.
He picked the girls up outside what used to be the Firefly Bar on West McMillan Street.  Segal lived with her mother in a Roselawn house.  She never made it home.
While her girlfriend was dropped off at her house, Segal's mutilated body was found along the banks of Gregory Creek in Butler County.

Butler County Prosecutor, Mike Gmoser, was a rookie law clerk in the courtroom when James Findley went to trial for Segal's murder.

The cruelty, the barbarism of James Findley in the death of this young lady was horrific.  It wasn't just a killing; it was a destruction of a body of an individual.

When he was arrested at an apartment in a Carthage home a few days after the murder, Findley claimed he was innocent.  But his story unraveled quickly at trial, as the jury came to grips with the picture of a sadistic, brutal killer.

According to the Butler County Coroner, Cheryl Segal died from a single 25 caliber gunshot wound to the brain.  After she was dead, James Findley went to work on her body.

The coroners report says Segals throat had a slash from the left to the right.  She also had a long slice from her shoulder all the way down to her thigh.  She had a z carved into her abdomen and then it got even worse.

I'll never forget the photograph of this young lady, lying on her back her breasts exposed and her nipples cut off.  They were cut off as souvenirs by this defendant, James Findley, said Gmoser.
Originally sentenced to death, Findley's sentence was changed to life in prison and he's now up for parole October 31st.

Cheryl Segal's friends and family have spent the last 4 decades living in fear, with good reason.

Gmoser continues, Findley was connected to a motorcycle "club" or gang, that had then and has to this day a reputation for extreme violence, The Iron Horsemen.  They're still out there.  They know it.  The family knows it and they're intimidated by it and they are in fear of reprisals.
Theyre afraid of both Findley and his friends.

He murdered this young lady only for the purpose of getting a patch for his motorcycle jacket, for what they refer to as their "colors."
In contrast to that image, in 2011 James Findley posted a picture on a website that solicits pen pals for prisoners.

Gmoser found out about Findley's parole hearing from Columbus victims advocate, Bret Vinocur.  He runs a website called

Had it not been for Vinocur's notice, Findley's parole hearing might have gone uncontested because Gmoser never received a legally required notice from the parole board.
In response to the possibility of release, Gmoser wrote a letter of protest to the board.

At one point, James Findley was just hours away from being executed. has more information about the case.  It also has an online petition you can sign if you want parole board members to keep Findley behind bars.  Click the red, Get It button for the link.

Watch video HEREMan Who Mutilated 16-year-old Girl Up For Parole

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