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Man Behind Bars for Meth Lab Near Elementary School

Updated: Friday, November 22 2013, 06:31 PM EST
UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Larry Davis) -- Police in Union Township raid a meth lab near an elementary school. 

Charges are expected against one man and a second person who is being questions.  Local 12’s Larry Davis has details on how this all unfolded.

Drug agents say the man accused of running the meth lab out of a home was a significant supplier of methamphetamine to the area.  The man is behind bars now but more serious charges could be filed soon.

Clermont County drug agents raided the duplex around 10a.m.  They were wearing hazmat suits as agents removed methamphetamines and other drug making materials.  The meth lab was found in the front apartment. 

Jason Davidson lives in the back apartment in the duplex and says, “I was really surprised about what was going on, and I came home to find out what was going on.  When I got here, it was all true.”

As meth materials were laid out on a table and agents searched the car, Davidson was thankful the lab never exploded.

“Scary, because I know that stuff is highly flammable, could’ve blew the place up.”

He says he had no idea anything was going on in the other apartment at all.

Investigators say this was an old style meth lab and very dangerous; the red phosphorus being a dangerous ingredient. 

The lab was found no more than 200 yards away from St. Thomas More School.

“We notified the elementary school this morning of our operation.  We had a police officer posted at the elementary school during the operation to ensure the safety of the children.  Currently there is not threat to the children,” an official told Local 12 News. 

Four classrooms had to be evacuated for a short time.  School officials say the children were never in any danger despite the fact the meth lab was close by.

The meth lab was on Greenwood Lane in Union Township.

Jason Davidson said he was a little shaken up over the incident.  He says he is allowed to go back inside his apartment Friday night and sleep.  He says he is glad his neighbor, accused of selling meth, is behind bars. Man Behind Bars for Meth Lab Near Elementary School

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