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Grand Jury Hears Evidence in Brown County Murder

Updated: Wednesday, November 13 2013, 07:41 PM EST
BROWN COUNTY, Ohio (Deb Dixon) -- The investigation into the shooting that killed a young woman and injured her toddler daughter takes a new twist.

A grand jury hears evidence in the murder of Brittany Stykes.  As Local 12 News first told you, a person involved in this case has refused to talk to police since the shooting.  Because of that, she was summoned to testify before the Brown County Grand Jury Wednesday.

Local 12 News reporter Deborah Dixon tells us she may not be the only witness in this case who is not being cooperative with police.

Samantha Grubbs is the ex-girlfriend of Brittany Stykes' husband, Shane.  They have a son together.  She's also someone who has refused to cooperate with investigators in the August 28th murder of a pregnant, 22-year-old Stykes. 

Brittany Stykes was shot to death in her Jeep as she drove on route 68.  Her daughter, Aubree, survived a bullet to the head. 

Wednesday, Grubbs honored a subpoena to appear before a Brown County grand jury. 

Deb Dixon asked, "Do you know who killed her?  Just say yes or no."

Grubbs responded, "I really don't have any idea.  I have no idea."

Grubbs said someone told her not to talk to police.  She would not reveal who told her not to say anything to authorities.

Grubbs has nothing but good things to say about Brittany Stykes, "She was definitely a great person, very loving person, couldn't ask for a better step-mother for my son."

Two other witnesses were called to the grand jury.  Their subpoenas were sealed.  Did they show up?

Detective Buddy Moore of the Brown County Sheriff's Dept. said, "The prosecutors office is currently following up on the other subpoenas to assure us that we get to talk to each and everyone."

Detective Moore said when people don't cooperate it keeps them from doing their job and keeps them from giving the family answers.  He cannot talk about what happened in the grand jury, but he does say he feels better about the case Wednesday than he did on Tuesday.

For now this is an information-gathering grand jury, a way to get testimony from people who wont cooperate.  Indictments do not appear to be imminent. Grand Jury Hears Evidence in Brown County Murder

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