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Four Powerful Police Weapons Stolen from Local Department

Updated: Wednesday, November 20 2013, 12:36 AM EST
CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (Rich Jaffe) -- Local 12 has learned the Clermont County sheriff's office is investigating the theft of four powerful weapons from a local police department.

Two 12-gauge shotguns and two 45-caliber handguns were discovered missing in early October.  Local 12's Rich Jaffe has a story you'll see only on Local 12.

We periodically hear of police officers losing their weapons one way or another.  It's not rocket science to figure out cops have guns. Thats why it's so important for them to make sure those weapons are secured properly.

One gun stolen would be bad enough...four makes it four times worse.

Newtonsville only has around 400 residents. Its so small that when it was laid out in 1838 there were only four streets and not much has changed.  But what they do have is a growing police department and a big problem.

On October 9th, according to an offense report, Newtonsville Police Chief Frank Lambros notified the Clermont County sheriff's office that someone had stolen four police weapons. It was a shock to this small town mayor.

We don't usually do things like that in Newtonsville.  I don't usually see things like that happen here because people are pretty much above board here seems like.  That's the way I want it to be. Were pretty proud of our police department since it came back. We get compliments around here on the way they operate so we try to do that.

Two of the guns were Remington 870 12-gauge shotguns. They were apparently stolen right out of two police vehicles. Normally the shotguns are locked in a rack between the cars front seats.

The other two weapons were two Colt-1911, 45's. According to the sheriff's report they were stolen from the police department in the Newtonsville Municipal Building and interestingly, the report indicates there was no type of weapon or force used.

On a local shop window Local 12 found a letter from Chief Lambros to village residents. It talks about some recent thefts from unlocked vehicles and cautions citizens to be on the lookout for such things.

It fails to mention anything about thefts from police vehicles.

Newtonsville may have even more problems than just the stolen guns.

The two 45's are apparently part of a federal program that provides surplus weapons and equipment to law enforcement agencies.  Local 12s Rich Jaffe told these two in particular came from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. So it's possible the feds will also be asking questions about what happened to their guns and how did someone manage to steal them from a police department.

Tuesday afternoon Local 12 heard from Police Chief Frank Lambros about the thefts, while he was willing to talk about the department he told us he couldn't comment on an active investigation.

If you know anything about the theft of the shotguns and handguns, call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.

Watch video HEREFour Powerful Police Weapons Stolen from Local Department

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