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Family Haunted by Woman's Torture & Murder

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 11:14 PM EDT
CINCINNATI (Deb Dixon) -- 79 year old Norma Musser was tortured in her home on Findlay Street  34 years ago. 

The grandmother was  beaten, a rope tied around her neck was stretched to a dresser drawer knob. It lifted her body off the ground until she died of asphyxiation.  Three men were convicted in the murder and the robbery and arson that followed. 

All three were sentenced to life in prison. One of them died there two years ago. The leader, Andre Stockton, is up for parole. Normas family is fighting his possible release.
The Detective on the case said the trio was vicious. Henry Drescher says, "She was beaten beyond recognition. Why they had to do that I dont know. One of her eyes was dislodged on her face."
Normas grandson, Cliff Musser said, "I had to see exactly what they did to my grandmother." 

Cliff testified in the murder trial, and had to see all the crime scene photographs. 

"He tortured my grandmother.  He treated her like no human being should treat another human being."
Cliff met with a parole board member, to let the board know how his family is still haunted by the cruel killing.
The killers went back to the West End home that same night to make sure Norma was dead.  They doused the home with gasoline and threw in a match.  A passerby saw smoke. Thats how Normas body was found.
The Musser family is committed to fighting Stocktons parole, until he dies.
"I have to do what I have to do to keep them where they are for me, my family, my grandma and my dad."
The prosecutors office sent a letter to the parole board  opposing Stocktons parole.  Any citizens who wants to send a message to the  board can log onto the Hamilton County Prosecutors website, click on Parole Watch and Andre Stocktons name.

There is also have a link under the red, "Get It" button on
Another defendant sentenced to life in the murder is up for parole in 2015.

Watch video HEREFamily Haunted by Woman's Torture & Murder

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