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Explicit Details from Teens about Sex with High School Teacher

Updated: Wednesday, October 30 2013, 12:00 AM EDT
COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) -- "What happens here stays here" is what a prosecutor says a local teacher told two 16-year-old students about her home before having sex with them.

A pair of students testified Tuesday they both had sex with Colerain High School teacher, Julie Hautzenroeder, on the same night.  They offered a jury explicit details of an encounter they say took place this spring at her Loveland home.

Specific and explicit testimony came to light in the testimony of two teenage boys about sex with a Colerain High School teacher.  One of the boys said having sex with a teacher was like a fantasy coming true. 

One of two16-year-old boys testified both he and another student had sex with science teacher Julie Hautzenroeder in her apartment after smoking marijuana. 

He says, "She got two condoms and came back and turned the lights off."

The teacher allegedly had oral sex with one boy and intercourse with the other while all three were in the same bed at once. 

The other boy, when asked if he had ever had sex before, replied, "No sir."

Some of the most dramatic testimony came from a 19-year-old friend of Hautzenroeder who picked up the two boys and brought them to Julie's apartment.  She left before the alleged sex took place. 

The two boys testified the alleged sex happened while Hautzenroeder's 7 or 8-year-old daughter was sleeping in the other room.  They also testified after spending the night and having sex, she made them breakfast the next morning and then took them home. 

Hautzenroeder resigned her job after the allegations came to light.  She's charged with two counts of sexual battery.

If convicted she could get up to ten years in prison.

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Explicit Details from Teens about Sex with High School Teacher

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