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Execution of Serial Killer Brings Peace to Local Family

Updated: Wednesday, November 20 2013, 10:53 PM EST
CINCINNATI (Deb Dixon) -- The families of 13-year-old Donte Evans and 14-year-old Darrel Lane went to bed last night believed Joseph Paul Franklin's execution had been stopped.

When they woke up he was dead.  

Overnight, the US Supreme Court overturned a federal judge's ruling.  The execution was for the 1977 murder of a man at a synagogue outside Saint Louis, one of 22 murders he admitted to in a cross country spree to start a race war.

Wednesday morning the brother of Donte Evans wept at the Reading Road site where his brother and cousin were killed by sniper fire 33 years ago.  Joseph Paul Franklin shot the two young boys from the trestle. 

Lavon used to sit on the trestle and imagine his brother's fear as the shots rang out.  The boys were walking to a convenience store to buy potato chips.

The trestle was always a dark place for Lavon but not Wednesday.  To him Franklin's execution is justice for the boys too. 

Justice does matter even though it took 33 years when you have kids murdered because of the color of their skin.  Different kind of animal he was an animal.

Franklin killed the boys while waiting for an interracial couple to leave a nearby motel.  He waited for hours, finally two black kids walked by and Franklin shot them instead.

Franklin admitted to the murders and was convicted in 1998 even though he was on death row in Missouri.  The state said he'd be executed any day. 

Deters asked the boys' mothers what they wanted to do.

They didn't hesitate for a second; they wanted a trial closure, to see the person who killed their little boys closure.

Thats the word Dontes mother used when Local 12s Deb Dixon told her about the execution.  She didn't want to go on camera, but shared her thoughts.

Its closure for two innocent lives.

Video HERE
Execution of Serial Killer Brings Peace to Local Family

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