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Drive-By Shooting Kills Former Football Star

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 11:53 PM EDT
COVINGTON, Ky. (Rich Jaffe) -- Desean Peterson was a well-known high school football player at Holmes high school.

Sunday night he was the target and victim of a drive-by shooting near the intersection of 17th and Garrard in Covington.  Local 12's Rich Jaffe takes a look at the very active investigation into his murder.

This was a tremendously dangerous shooting situation.  It's amazing no one else was shot or killed.  There were a lot of people around Peterson when he was shot, he collapsed in the front yard of this house into the arms of his friends.

Andrea Gephart lives just two doors away from where Desean Peterson was shot Sunday night.

She says "I heard 4,5,6 gunshots. I asked my husband was that gunshots? He said it sure was."

Gephart says she came out on her porch moments after the shooting and took this video of the scene.  She says used to spend a lot of time on her second floor porch but not any more.

"In the last six months this is the fourth shooting, the first three nobody was hurt or killed but this time there was. It makes me afraid because I love to sit on our balcony and read and it makes me afraid to sit outside any more."

Sunday night's target was 19-year-old Desean Peterson, a former standout football player at Holmes high school.

He was also the school's prom king in 2012.

He and a lot of other teammates frequently hangout at 1705.  It's owned by a player's grandmother.

It's Jessica Goetz' grandmother too.  She got a phone call moments after the shooting.

Jaffe asked Goetz, "What went through your mind when you heard that?"

"A lot of's crazy that something like that would happen to someone like him anyways.  He's a really good kid."

Police were on the scene quickly. 

Chief Spike Jones says, "Last night he was transported to University Hospital for treatment of his wounds and he succumbed to those wounds at University."

Police say Peterson was the target of the drive-by.  In the daylight it's easy to see the progression of the shots.  One hit Peterson in the side, one glanced off this truck's hood, shattering the mirror and the rest hit the side, front and high front window of the house.

It's a window that frequently has small children watching the street below.  It's the kind of violence police take very seriously.  

Chief Jones says, "We haven't had an incident like this in quite some time so this is shocking to our residents as it is us."

Neighbors tell me there was a fight here Saturday night and they believe the shooting could have something to do with it.  Police have been here throughout the day and they're working a lot of leads.

While police are running down a lot of information in this case, they're also asking anyone who can help to pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers where you can remain anonymous.  That number is 352-3040.

Watch video HEREDrive-By Shooting Kills Former Football Star

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