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Dismembered Woman Found

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 11:04 PM EDT
COVINGTON, Ky. (Paula Toti) -- A woman recently found dismembered in Charlotte North Carolina had ties to the tri-state. 

Mara Garcia of Covington got an emergency protection order against her boyfriend 29-year-old Lenin Noel Turcios Corea, of Covington, back in May.  Police believe he killed her and then committed suicide.
In April she came to live with family members on Greenup  Street in Covington after she was hospitalized.  Family members say Corea beat her so badly she was bleeding out one ear.  They also say several people warned Garcia if she didn't leave Corea he would kill her.  They aren't sure why she did keep going back to the relationship but experts in domestic violence aren't surprised.
Jackie Zschau has worked at the "Women's Crisis Center" in Covington more than twenty years.

She says "research shows a person will leave a relationship seven or eight times before making the final break".
Family members think Garcia did want a final break, she went to Connecticut to visit her children.  She didn't leave when Corea came for her.  

He came a second time and she did leave.

Family members think she was forced. Whatever the truth, she was found dismembered in an SUV in Charlotte the day after her 36th birthday. 

It shocked the local community. 
Police released video from a Wal-Mart store in Charlotte showing Corea buying a hatchet and gasoline. He told a neighbor Garcia had left him and moved to Mexico and wasn't coming back.  A day after police released the video, he was found dead a few blocks from the SUV, after taking his own life.
Garcia's family is heartbroken. They say Corea had a history of domestic violence dating back to a time when he lived in Puerto Rico.

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