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Deliberations to Continue in Teacher Sex Trial

Updated: Friday, November 1 2013, 01:41 AM EDT
COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Jeff Hirsh) -- The future of a former Colerain High School teacher is now in the hands of a jury.

Julie Hautzenroeder is accused of having sex with two 16-year-old students in her home.  And as Local 12's Jeff Hirsh reports, lawyers from both sides claim the other side is lying.

The jury deliberated for two hours Thursday afternoon without reaching a verdict.  This case is definitely a she-said, they-said.  The question is, who said the truth?

WARNING: Graphic language in the following story.

The prosecution and the defense did agree on one thing in this trial, namely the other side was full of it. 

The prosecution said the defense's version of what happened is absurd and defense opinion of the prosecution's case is the whole story is preposterous and unbelievable.

The two boys testified that one of them had intercourse with Hautzenroeder, and she performed oral sex on the other.  They had a place to smoke pot, someone to provide them with marijuana and alcohol.  By her own admission they drank and smoked pot but the defense says while Hautzenroeder did a simulated sex act with a sex toy, there was never any contact with the boys.  In fact, the defense says she rebuffed their efforts.

The defense says the two boys are lying , with an ulterior motive and they are hoping to file a huge lawsuit against the Northwest School District to collect large sums of money.  That's what this is all about. 

The biggest problem for Hautzenroder may be a series of text messages between her and one of the students about oral sex.  She claimed she thought it was just a general question, and said because she's a science teacher, it would not be unusual for her to answer student questions about sex.  But the boy's first text referred to himself. 

Hautzenroder said she must have missed that.

Hautzenroeder faces a prison sentence of up to ten years if convicted on both sexual battery counts.  Jury deliberations resume Friday morning.

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Deliberations to Continue in Teacher Sex Trial

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