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Deadly Hit-and-Run Suspect Fled to South Korea

Updated: Tuesday, November 5 2013, 10:16 PM EST
COLD SPRING, Ky. (Angela Ingram) -- Kimberly Shay wears her husband's wedding ring next to the one he gave her years ago.
She's learning to live without the man who she says completed her life.

"He was my soul mate and it's just hard to see him be gone.  But, Lenny, was just, you had to know him.  He was a terrific, wonderful person."
October 8th Lenny left the family's Cold Spring apartment and crossed US-27 to a Speedway.  Kim says he wanted to grab a snack.  As he was walking back home police say Vanna Nay hit Lenny kept driving and left Lenny to die.
A tip caller told police Nay drove a gray Toyota Camry similar to the one they believed hit Shay and that Nay hadn't been to work since the crash.
Police found the car at Nay's Fairfield home and learned that Nay left the country on a flight to South Korea the day after Lenny was killed.
Lenny survived being hit by a car before.  In 2011 a driver hit Lenny, Kim, and their son Dylan in a Covington crosswalk.
That time Lenny was able to walk away.
Kim is wondering how the suspect was able to drive away from her dying husband.  

"I'm still hurt and I just wish this person would I wish this person would do the right thing."

Kimberly Shay says investigators told her they are working on locating Nay and possibly having him extradited to stand trial in Kentucky.

Police have charged Nay with reckless homicide, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to render aide.

Watch video HEREDeadly Hit-and-Run Suspect Fled to South Korea

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