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College Student Injured in Pledging or Hazing?

Updated: Monday, November 4 2013, 11:44 PM EST
WILMINGTON, Ohio (Paula Toti) -- Gamma Phi Gamma is a local fraternity also known as the Gobbler House because the mascot is a turkey. 

It's been a part of Wilmington college for a hundred years.  In the early morning on Halloween there was a pledging ceremony. 

And we were just going through one of the pledging things and a total accident non hazing involved.

Tyler Lawrence won't say what accident was enough to cause him to have surgery and the President of the Quaker College also won't say.  He will say what he saw in an affidavit today from the county prosecutor has him concerned.

It's just a disturbing incident.  We value what we do here and have core values that guide students. So this is really disturbing to me.

President Jim Reynolds will say physical abuse appears to be what  led to the student being injured. 

Everything is just being hyped up I think.

The 19-year-old criminal justice major says he was released from the hospital the next day and back in school Monday.  He says his parents support his decision to stick with the fraternity.

We're sticking together as brothers do, I love every one of those guys and they love me.

Tyler Lawrence says the young men from the fraternity are the ones who drove him to the hospital.  He suspects that led the hospital to alert authorities.

He did say he crossed over as they call it to actually become a member of the fraternity.  Lawrence said it had nothing to do with the injury.  Before the pledging the fraternity had 15 active members.  College Student Injured in Pledging or Hazing?

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