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Children Deal with Grief from Two Shooting Deaths

Updated: Thursday, November 7 2013, 08:43 PM EST
MOUNT AIRY, Ohio (Angela Ingram) -- Police are investigating but have not made an arrest in the case of Trevaughn Everett's murder.

Children on Hawaiian Terrace tell Local 12's Angela Ingram they are getting numb to the violence and now another one of the kids they played with in the neighborhood has been shot and killed.

We thank you for the memories we did have of Trevaughn which were wonderful memories.
Travaughn Everett's family is holding on to those memories, and pictures, of the 14-year-old.

His smile.  When he smiled he could light up the world.
Mary Lackey raised Trevaughn as her own son.  Last Saturday Trevaughn was visiting his biological mother.  Later that evening both women got a call that the 14-year-old was shot.

And I get a call that my son is not coming back to me.  That's not fair to me.  Thats not fair to her.  Its not fair to no one.  Its not fair for none of these kids getting killed.
Last month Trevaughn's neighbor, 14-year-old Dwayne Lewis, was gunned down in South Fairmount.  The children on Hawaiian Terrace grieved in their own way by spray painting "RIP Wayne" throughout the complex.  They also told Local 12s Angela Ingram they're getting used to seeing violence and used to shooting deaths.   

It's really concerning when children are experiencing it on what seems like almost a regular basis.
Experts say it's harder for children to understand because they don't have the same cognitive skills as adults.

When it's the death of a friend, a peer, you know teenagers are faced with the realities of death and they start to think about their own mortality.

I think it's really important for the teen, the children to find somebody, a trusted adult that they can share their feelings with.
Children in Hawaiian Terrace are learning to cope with both deaths.  And Mary Lackey is praying police find the person who killed Trevaughn.

I would love for them to come forth and you don't do nothing but tell me what happened.  Why you shot my baby?

Watch video HEREChildren Deal with Grief from Two Shooting Deaths

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