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Child Killer Convicted of Rape and Murder Up for Parole

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 11:41 PM EST
COLUMBUS, Ohio (Deb Dixon) -- “She loved her scouts friends were she was involved.”

Girl Scouts, the school softball team, it was all typical 12 year old  girl stuff.

“She wanted to be a teacher to teach handicapped children.  I would love to have known if that came true that would have been lovely.”

Lisa's dreams died the day she did in 1978 when she was abducted while walking to school along a tree lined street in Columbia Township.

Two hours after Lisa left home and never made it to school a woman in Kentucky found a book on the road.  By the end of the day Eugene Gall would be in custody after a shootout with police, Lisa’s purse was found in his car.

Lisa's body was found in a creek. She was raped and murdered. The bullet in her head matched gall's 357. Fibers on her body matched the carpet in gall's car.  Semen found on her matched stains in his car.

Charged under Kentucky's new death penalty law, the jury ignored his insanity defense and sentenced him to death.

“To me he needs to die.”

But he didn't.  In 2001 a Federal Appeals Court threw out the conviction saying Gall was legally insane.  Later a Federal judge cleared his record wiping away his arrest and conviction for killing Lisa Jansen.

“I take it as they're telling me my daughter’s life meant nothing.”

When the conviction was thrown out, Gall would have been let go if it had not been for two juries that convicted him of several crimes back in 1979 including the rape and murder of a 14-year-old Dayton area girl.  He went straight to an Ohio prison for these crimes. 

“Rape, attempted rape, aggravated robbery, kidnaping rape, aggravated  murder, armed robbery, attempted abduction, immoral purposes.  How we can we consider letting someone  like that out baffles me.”

That's right.  Gall is up for parole next month. 

No one at the department of corrections would do an interview, but Local 12’s Deb Dixon was told since the Ohio sentences, including life, were to be served consecutively or right after Kentucky’s sentence, since the murder conviction was thrown out the consecutive goes back to 1985, after he did his time for that shootout.  Under Ohio law he has to be considered for parole.

“The idea that someone has legal standpoint because it was expunged in one state should be considered for parole in another. I’m not buying it.”

One of Gall's Ohio convictions is from Warren County.  Fornshell wrote the parole board saying gall is, “One of the few people who should never be released from prison.”     

“They have to do the right things or we are going to have more dead little girls.”

Lisa Jansen would have turned 48 this month.  What the family has left, is what the 12-year-old left behind, including her favorite sweater, with a little chili stain still on it

These are her things, that makes you feel close to her.”

Tina will give a victim impact statement to a parole board member in Columbus.  She will not be alone.Child Killer Convicted of Rape and Murder Up for Parole

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