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Brother of Victim will Testify to Parole Board

Updated: Wednesday, November 20 2013, 12:07 AM EST
CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- New information Tuesday night in the case of a convicted killer.

Eugene Gall was once sentenced to die.  Now, he could go free. 

His conviction was thrown out in Kentucky because gall was found incompetent.

Tuesday night Local 12  learned that the brother of one of his victims will talk to a parole board member Wednesday.

Barry Mote is the sister of Beth Ann Mote.  She was raped and murdered by Gall in 1977.

Local 12 attained a copy of the letter he plans to read. In it, he talks about the nightmare his family has been living since Beth Ann's death.

It says, in part, "The murder of my sister has taken everything from me. I know this man has spent thirty some years in prison and some may say that he has paid for his crime. But I urge you to hear me when I say it will never be long enough for me. I still have trouble feeling safe and secure. I will never be 100- percent and it is all his fault."

Lisa Jansen was also raped and killed by Gall.

Wednesday, her mother will also ask the parole board to keep him in prison. Brother of Victim will Testify to Parole Board

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