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15-Count Indictment Against Former Covington Finance Director

Updated: Thursday, November 14 2013, 10:01 PM EST
COVINGTON, Ky. (Joe Webb) -- The investigation of former Covington Finance Director Bob Due has uncovered a trail of missing money that now goes back 11 years.  Thursday afternoon, the Kenton County grand jury returned a 15-count indictment against Due that could theoretically send him to prison for 40 years.

Due was indicted for abuse of public trust, theft, unlawful access to a computer and 12 counts of possession of a forged instrument.  Due was forced out of office in August after 14 years as Covington's Finance Director.  At the time, investigators had identified about $590,000 worth of fradulent checks Due had issued to himself or family  members.

"Since that time, the Kenton County Police have discovered just over an additional $100,000," Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders told Local 12.  "That puts our grand total that we know of so far at the $700,000 mark.  Just about $700,000."

Kentucky auditor Adam Edelen is also investigating Due.  That investigation is still underway.  Sanders said judicial deadlines forced him to take Due's case to the grand jury this month.
"It's possible that number could grow higher from whatever the auditor finds but we've got from the Kenton County Police fraudulent checks issued all the way back to 2002."

Due is also facing a civil suit filed by the city of Covington.  Due was arrested in September and allowed to wait for trial on home incarceration.

On two separate occasions, emergency crews were called to his Independence home after Due had harmed himself.  His bond was revoked and he is now lodged in the Kenton County Jail.

Watch video HERE15-Count Indictment Against Former Covington Finance Director

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