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Young man with Down Syndrome gets accepted to college

LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (Derek Drake) -- College acceptance letters are going out and students are waiting in anticipation for where they'll be going to school in the fall.

While any college acceptance is a joyous occasion, few can rival the reaction of Noah Van Vooren.

Van Vooren, of Little Chute, Wis., has Down Syndrome and was recently accepted to attend Edgewood College in the state's capital of Madison.

Opening the envelope, Van Vooren's dad asked if he could read it to his son, to which Van Vooren said, "No," wanting to read the verdict himself.

"It says, Dear Noah," he read. "Yes, 2014-15 school. I got accepted," Noah shouted, throwing his hands victoriously in the air.

"Yes! Dad, you rock, I love you! I got accepted! Yes! Yeah! Yeah!"

In his jubilation, Noah took off his Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirt in jubilation (Note: While you might think that Van Vooren uses a swear word a few times in the video, he actually said "Bucky Badger," the University of Wisconsin's mascot).

Van Voreen will be attending Edgewood's "Cutting Edge Program," designed for students with intellectual developmental disabilities.

Noah was the manager of the football team at Little Chute High School and he made headlines last season when he scored a touchdown.


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