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Young girl dials 911 to save sitter

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (John Le/WLOS) -- A five year old saved the day by dialing 911, after her babysitter fell down the steps and hit her head on the concrete.

By making the call, Jaylee Monteith did what her parents have always preached.

Last Friday afternoon, caregiver Mildred Morris was doing the laundry. "And I tumbled down," says Morris. "That's what split my head."

"I called 911," Jaylee shows us. "I told them Mrs. Morris fell down."

"She can't get up," Jaylee is heard saying on the 911 recording. "She needs to go to the hospital."

"Okay, I've got someone on the way but can I talk to her?" the emergency dispatcher asks.

"I think she can't talk to you," she responds.

Jaylee also led a three-year-old boy by the hand as she told the next door neighbor what happened.

Mildred was rushed to the hospital and came away with 12 staples in her head. "It makes tears come to my eyes," Morris says. "Because without her I would have been bleeding to death and she is my hero."

The kind of heroism that makes a mom cry twice.

"I cried that Miss Morris was hurt and I cried again when I found out what she did," says mother Jazmyn Williams. "And I was so proud of her."

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