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Twin carries hurt sister across finish line

TRENTON, Ill. (WKRC) -- A pair of twins showed how deep their bond is after one helped the other over the finish line during a school track meet.

Chloe and Claire Gruenke are 13-year-old twins. The pair were competing in a track meet for their school, West-Clin Middle School. They were both running the 800 when Chloe started having trouble.

Chloe says she felt something pull and pop in her thigh. Around the second lap it began to hurt more, and she fell and couldn't complete the race. At least not on her own.

Claire put her sister on her back and they finished the race together. Claire carried Chloe on her back for 370 of 400 meters left in the race.

She says what she did for her twin means more than just winning. To her, it was about showing compassion, love and sportsmanship. It was worth losing to help her sister.

The twins parents Doug and Georgia Gruenke say they say we can all learn from what happened.

"It was pretty neat everyone in the crowd was standing up giving a standing ovation," said Doug.

"I just wanted both of them to make it through," said Georgia.

The twins' coaches, Ted Crail and Coree Woltering were also proud of the girls.

"We just watched breathlessly and luckily had glasses on because we all had tears in our eyes," said Crail.

While the twins came in last in the race, the two clearly were the crowd favorite as one sister helped the other cross the finish line.

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