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This is how the public reacts to a woman abusing a man...

* * * WARNING: Video contains explicit language used to portray a fictitious scene to unsuspecting bystanders * * *

LONDON (Derek Drake) -- A hidden camera experiment is going viral after a pair of actors portrayed two violent exchanges.

The video was put out by ManKind Initiative, a UK charity that supports male victims of abuse.

The couple acted out two similar, heated arguments in a London park with the aggressor in the fight different in the two different scenarios.

In the first scenario, the male was the aggressor and was immediately reprimanded, yelled at and threatened by onlookers after he manhandled his pretend girlfriend. But when the sides changed, the response was significantly different.

The woman in the scenario was much more aggressive, crass and violent, but as passersby viewed the scene, they laughed, or stopped to get a better look at the situation and take it in.

Then the video displays the disparaging statistic, 40% if domestic violence is suffered by men (at least in the UK).

How would you react to seeing a physical, heated altercation between a couple in public? Would you react different if the female was the apparent aggressor? Why? Let us know on our Facebook page now!


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