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On This Day Weekend of May 30, 31, 1

On This Day in history:


1431- Joan of Arc is burned at the stake in Rouen, France at the age of 19.

1848- W.G. Young patented the ice cream freezer.

1879- William Vanderbilt renamed New York City's Gilmore's Garden to Madison Square Garden.

1922- The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.

1967- Daredevil Evel Knievel jumps 16 automobiles in a row in a motorcycle stunt.

1968- The Beatles begin recording the "White Album."

1989- Bobby Brown releases, "On Our Own."

2003- Peter Jennings is sworn in as a US citizen.


1859- Big Ben in London goes into operation.

1907- The first taxis arrived in New York City.

1930- Clint Eastwood is born.

1961- Jimi Hendrix enlists in the US Army.

1969- Steve Wonder's, "My Cherie Amour" is released.

1977- The BBC bans the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen."

1979- The restored Radio City Music Hall is reopened in New York City.


1792- Kentucky becomes 15th state of the US.

1869- Thomas Edison receives a patent for his electric voting machine.

1926- Andy Griffith is born.

1937- Morgan Freeman is born.

1954- Linus' security blanket makes its debut in the Peanuts Comic strips.

1980- Cable News Network (CNN) makes its debut as the first all-news station.

1989- Disney World's "Typhoon Lagoon" opens.

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