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On This Day Weekend April 4, 5, 6

On This Day in history:


1818- The US flag is declared to have 13 red and white stripes and 20 stars and that a new star would be added for each new state.

1964- The Beatles make music history when they hold the top five places in the singles charts.  The songs were, "Can't Buy Me Love," "Twist and Shout," "She Loves You," "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and "Please Please Me."

1967- Johnny Carson quit "The Tonight Show."  He returns three weeks alter after getting a raise.

1968- Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated at the age of 39.


1955- Winston Churchill resigned as British Prime Minister.

1985- An estimated 5,000 radio stations around the world simultaneously played the song, "We are the world."

1994- Kurt Cobain, the frontman for Nirvana, kills himself with a shotgun.  He was found three days later.


1830- Joseph Smith and five others organized the Mormon Church in western New York.

1896- The first modern Olympic Games begins in Athens, Greece.

1931- "Little Orphan Annie" debuts on TV.

1957- Elvis Presley releases, "All Shook Up."

1965- The Beach Boys record, "California Girls."

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