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On This Day Weekend April 25, 26, 27

On This Day in history:


1684- A patent is granted for the thimble.

1901- New York is the first state to require license plates for cars.  The fee was $1.

1953- Dr. James Watson and Dr. Francis Crick suggest the double helix structure of DNA.

1967- The Beatles record "All You Need Is Love" during a British TV broadcast.

1971- The country of Bangladesh is established.

2002- Lisa Lopes from the band TLC is killed in a car crash.


1865- John Wilkes Booth is killed by the US Federal Cavalry.

1954- Grace Kelly is on the cover of "LIFE" magazine.

1977- Studio 54 opens in New York.

1980- The Carpenters' "Music Music Music" TV special airs.


1947- "Babe Ruth Day" is celebrated at Yankee Stadium.

1965- "Pampers" are patented by R.C. Duncan.

1968- Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" is released.

1973- Opryland opens in Nashville, TN.

2006- Construction begins on the Freedom Tower on the site of the former Wold Trace Center in New York.

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