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On This Day September 10th

On This Day in history:

1847- The first theater opens in Hawaii.

1913- The Lincoln Highway opens.  It is the first paved coast-to-coast highway in the U.S.

1935- "Popeye" is heard on NBC radio for the first time.

1950- Joe DiMaggio becomes the first to hit three home runs in a game at Griffith Stadium.

1961- Mickey Mantle ties a Major League Baseball record for home runs when he hits his 400th career hr.

1963- Twenty black students enter public schools in Alabama at the end of a standoff between federal authorities and Alabama governor George C. Wallace.

1966- "The Last Train to Clarksville" is released by the Monkees.

1980- "Uptown" is released by Prince.

1990- Will Smith makes his debut on the TV show, "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

1990- The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, NV, opens.

1993- "The X-Files" premieres on FOX.

1996- Wal-Mart bans Sheryl Crow's second album because of the song, "Love is A Good Thing."

1998- U.S. President Bill Clinton meets with members of his Cabinet to apologize and ask forgiveness in the wake of the public scandal involving Monica Lewinsky.


1974- Ryan Phillipe (39)

1968- Guy Ritchie (45)

1950- Joe Perry (63)

1949- Bill O'Reilly (64)

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