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New study pinpoints age men become grumpy

CORVALLIS, Ore. (WKRC) -- A recently released report claims to pinpoint the age men become grumpy. According to the study from Oregon State University, it is around the age of 70.

Researchers found that as men grow older, starting around 50-years-old, they have fewer obstacles and are happier because they have the life skills to deal with challenges, but around the age of 70, that perception starts to dwindle.

The study was published in the journal, Psychology and Aging. It followed 1,315 men between the ages of 53 and 85 over the course of a 15 year period. 80 percent of men said that they became happier around 50-years-old, while 20 percent said they were happier after they retired.

Many of those men agreed, though, that their happiness started to fade around 70-years-old due to loss of loved ones and declining health.

"Some older people continue to find sources of happiness late in life, despite dealing with family losses, declining health or a lack of resources," says the study's lead author, Carolyn Aldwyn. Aldwyn is a gerontology professor at Oregon State University.

Aldwyn does say there is an upside to grumpiness.

"At least one study found that older men in nursing homes who were grumpy actually lived a little longer," she says. "The thought is that these individuals could voice their unhappiness with their current situation and perhaps get more attention and perhaps better service than individuals who suffered quietly."

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