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Moose Calf stops for some coffee in Canada

LIVELY, Ontario (Derek Drake) -- A man in Canada became a temporary dad for a weekend after finding a baby moose on the side of a road.

Stephane DesGroseillers found the lost and confused calf along the side of the road, and after trying to urge him back into the woods, he kept returning to the dangerous roadway that could claim his life.

DesGroseillers did the only thing he thought he should do next, pick the baby up and get him to safety, in his home.

He contacted local authorities, animal hospitals and animal rescues, but all were closed or couldn't take the calf in.

"[The authorities] told me, 'You know what, Steph, you have a pet until somebody can take her in,'" he told the Globe and Mail.

So after holding on to the moose calf for a day, DesGroseillers was on his way to drop the calf off to the shelter when he stopped for some coffee at Tim Hortons.

That's when some onlookers spotted the calf and wanted to pet and take photos of the little guy.


Source: The Globe and Mail | Northern Life

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