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Mom fights Medicaid for transplant to save infant son

OMAHA, Neb. (Derek Drake) -- A Nebraska baby is almost a year old, but he has gone through two heart surgeries and multiple others as doctors fight to save his life because of his battle with an extremely rare disease.

Lawrence Bolden was born with "complete DiGeorge Syndrome" a rare chromosomal disorder that causes birth defects. This condition has resulted in a heart defect, problems with his lungs and a weak, deficient immune system.

Doctors project his lifespan to be about two years, according to KETV in Omaha.

The good news is there is a transplant procedure, performed at Duke University, which could save his life.

The bad news is the Department of Health and Human Services can't approve the surgery because it's not yet federally approved.

Lawrence's mother has launched a campaign to help raise funds for Baby Lawrence's surgery.

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