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Mass. mother gives birth to 14.5-pound baby girl

BOSTON, Mass. (AP) -- A Massachusetts mother gave birth to a 14 and a half baby girl in mid-April. 

I heard the weight and I was like, Oh, my God. It validated me because I was in a lot of pain when I was pregnant, so to hear the size, it made sense, mother Caroline Ruscak told WCVB-TV. 

Hospital officials said baby Carisa Ruscak, who was delivered via C-section, is the biggest newborn born at Massachusetts General Hospital in over 10 years.

"When she came out at 14 and a half pounds, I couldn't believe it. I took a picture of the scale just to document it because I couldn't believe how big she was. And long too. Twenty two  inches is long, father Bryan Ruscak said. 

Carisa and mother are both doing well and are excited to join big sister Claudia.

 "We expected her to have a big baby. Her first baby was 10 and a half pounds, so we weren't surprised. We were expecting a big baby, but we weren't expecting one quite that big," Dr. Jennifer Kickham said. 

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania gave birth to a more than 13 pound little boy. 

*WCVB-TV contributed to this report. 

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