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KUTV Reporter faints on-air, comes to, and goes on with the show

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- Local 12 sister station, KUTV in Salt Lake City, shared this video with us of one of their reporters and her dedication to her job.

While doing a live report at a Utah ski resort, the exhausted Brooke Graham, perched on a pair of skis, suddenly grew weak and fell backward into the snow.

What happened next, though, was quite amazing. She popped up, and after a snicker, went on with her report.

Graham said she wasn't feeling well that morning, but went to work any way. She also said she has fainted in the past when she's in high-altitude locations. Her co-workers said Graham is an extremely hard worker, and debated posting the video to YouTube because they didn't want to embarrass her.

Graham allowed the video to be posted, and is laughing at herself, but said, she'll think again about going to work sick.

The video has elicited commendation for her dedication to the old adage "the show must go on" rather than mocking her for passing out on live TV.

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