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Kidnapping prank in Washington stirs outrage across the country

**Warning: offensive language from the parents**

WASHINGTON (WZTV) -- Two men with good intentions could face charges for their decision to "abduct" a little boy who was a family member (he was in on the act) and show others how easy it is for kidnappers to take children from a park. Despite the men allegedly calling police beforehand, not all police were notified and parents at the park were outraged.

The men posted this statement on their YouTube channel: "We made this video to help prevent and to show how real an abduction can be. We are sorry to who ever was at the park and had to be apart of it, we needed real reactions and didn't mean to harm anyone. We called the cops before hand to let them no what we were doing, unfortunately not all of them were notified. Don't worry the little boy is in on it!

As a society, things are becoming more violent and crimes against children are continually increasing. In our efforts to prevent theses crimes we are not keeping up with the violence, abductions, and rapes being done to our children. This section of the home page will not reach as many of the parents and children that I would like it to, but if it helps at least one child so as not to become a statistic it will have done its job."

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